Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout 1.0

A free Flash sports game based in Hanna-Barbera's cartoon "The Flintstones" (See all)

Bedrock Bobsleddin Blowout is a free flash sports game based on "The Flintstones", the Hanna-Barbera's cartoon set up in The Stone Age.
In this game you will help the series' characters guide a Bobsled through ice tunnels. You will have to complete the full course without exceeding a given time limit that will be informed to you when the game begins. If you cannot do that, you will lose a life. When you lose all your lives, the game will be over.

While sliding in your sled, you can move it right or left in order to avoid hitting rocks and to be able to catch food and power-ups. You can also speed up or slow down your sled’s speed by using the arrow keys. You will see letters scattered all over the way. If you catch all the letters you need to spell the name PEBBLES in the right order, you will receive a bonus. By running over Pebbles’ cereals you will obtain more points and that will also increase your speed. The yellow arrows on the floor will also speed up your pace. There are checkpoints along the way where your remaining time will be checked. Should you fail to get to those checkpoints on time, you will have to start again from scratch.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • You will have a real speed feeling while playing it


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